Advanced Communications to Interface with Propriety Systems

Joy Continuous Miner Communications

The Challenge:

Collect all the Joy Continuous Miner data and present it on the Site Wide SCADA system for display, trending and reporting.


Joy have created highly customised, tightly controlled, and locked down PLC and SCADA code for their Continuous Miners.

They only provide a Special Edition of Citect SCADA which they call RMM (Remote Machine Monitoring) and a cut-down Ethernet IP data table with limited information.


By reverse engineering the RMM System and levering off of Citect’s native OPC Server and CTAPI.dll Communications (this is the same communications used by Citect Historian) we were able to extract all the required information.


The final solution was a combination of Ethernet IP, OPC, and custom CTAPI VB and Cicode Script.


The client is now able to remotely monitor their machinery.